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This page describes BioVerde Inc. which is the affiliated company of BMG Inc.

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BioVerde Inc.

In October 2003, a pre-venture project: Basic Research for Development of long-term preserving agents for bio-tissues at Kyoto University had been granted by Japan Science and Technology Institute. Since then, the study had been carried on for two years and half, ending in March 2006, when BioVerde Inc. was founded to take over its works and to put forward its research and development into business.


43-1 Minamimatsunoki-cho, Higashikujo, Minami-ku,

Kyoto 601−8023, JAPAN

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Green tea polyphenol were found to have the following effects:

  • Can inhibit proliferation of mammalian cells
  • Can normally differentiate Hemopoietic stem cell after
    long-time inhibition of proliferation
  • Can preserve Human mesenchymal stem cell at room temperature

Additionally, it was found in basic researches that by addition of green tea polyphenols to conventional cell culture mediums or preservation agents, tissues from a living body can be preserved for several months, with their cellular activities kept, under an unfrozen condition.

Further, it was found that immuno-rejection can be remedied by treating cells or tissues with green tea polyphenols.

With the above results, BioVerde Inc. is pursuing the development of new preserving solutions for clinical use that allow longer-term preservation of cells, tissues and organs under unfrozen condition, and that also have inhibition effect of immunoreaction on transplant tissues and organs.

BioVerde Inc. is planning to go forward to developing applications of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), to drugs such as cardioplegic and antifungal agents.

Products of BioVerde Inc.

Preserving Cells for Experiments

CryoScarless DMSO-Free
a serum-and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)-free cryopreserving media for long-term preservation at −80 °C or in liquid nitrogen of various cells.
StemCell Keep
a suitable ready-to-use vitrification solution lor human ES/iPS cell cryopreservation. Human ES/iPS cells are very sensitive for freezing and thawing damage and their survival rate after cryopreservation by slow cooling is quite low. So vitrification is recommended for preservation of these cell lines. Vitrification means direct transition to the glassy state without crystallization that is said to be the main reason of freezing damage. StemCel Keep has been developed for high elficient, low toxic and easy handling vitrification solution without any protein and DMSO which might affect differentiation.

If you have the inquire and/or order of the above product, please feel free to contact our agent.

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Preserving Tissues for Experiments

Epithelial and endothelial tissues have various functions in living systems. These tissues are characterized as thin membranous structures, physically fragile and difficult to be preserved. ThelioKeep keeps the structural strength and viability of the membranous tissues.

If you have the inquire and/or order of the above product, please feel free to contact our agent.

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