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Although every effort is made regarding the data BMG makes available through the internet, no warranty or guarantee is given regarding the accuracy, completeness, certainty or utility of such information, and BMG will not be liable for any loss arising from the use of such information.

Conents available

The contents may be partially or wholly amended, added or abolished by BMG, regardless of the reasons, without prior notices to users. Before the contents are wholly discontinued, prior notices will be made through means provided by BMG.


The content available through this Site is the property of BMG, its affiliate and is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. You agree not to divert, reproduce, or circulate the content received through this site to anyone, without the prior written consent of BMG. If a condition is individually set up for the content, it will have priority.

Trade marks described

Company names, product names and trade names and others described in this Site may apply to trade marks or copy rights of other right holders, which are used only for the purpose of specifying company names or product names and so on.


You may provide a link to this Site for a non-commercial purpose by informing BMG of it. When providing the link, you are required to show users that the site to be linked is BMG’s. For pages other than Home page of this Site, its address and others may be changed.If this Site is moved to outside sites by linking or by clicking on the banner, BMG will not be liable for their contents.

Description and display of this Site

This Site use style sheet (CSS) and JavaScript. Therefore the incorrect indication or no motion for operation might be occurred when user style sheet is used or script execution is inhibited. In that case, the reversion of browser setting may dissolve the problem.
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